SSM offers highly specialized skills and is focused on the integrated development of the SMART or 4th generation. The ability to integrate various installations with systems supported by intelligent and ergonomic technology devices, allows a completely revolutionary design, which is complex, but at the same time efficient.
To achieve this, all the data relating to production, logistics, the flow and energy consumption must be collected, tracked, analyzed and managed. This revolutionary approach involves a radical integration of digital technologies in industrial manufacturing processes, transforming how we view and develop product and process design.
SSM has developed an in-house know-how on the points listed below:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Digital Factory
  • Smart Industry
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Lean Production


The new digital and flexible factory is characterized by certain conditions.


1. The internal communication flow will be in real-time and continuous between workstations, integrating manufacturing and warehouse;
2. Having this kind of communication, will bring to the production line self-diagnostic capabilities and will enable the company to check production remotely; in addition, the flexibility of the systems will allow the customization of the products according to the demand.
3. In order to test the production line, it will be reconstructed and simulated in a virtual environment; this will allow to identify and anticipate underlying problems and be able train the personnel accordingly