New product development

SSM offers support to car manufacturers in the process of new product development, specifically, during the development of the product and process design, aimed at reducing time and development costs (TTM) and reliability and cost of the product.

Specifically we supply:

a) Robust Design – by using virtual simulation tools it is possible to do things once, guaranteeing design solutions, and at the same time reducing considerably the production of prototypes and the changes to be made during the process with checks using physical cars.

– Validation of virtual design solutions (calcuation)

-Simulation of 3D products/processes

b) Cost Engineering Analysis (reduction of industrial cost)

c) Supply Chain Analysis (Value stream map)

Physical Layout
Production Technology
Cost reduction
Maintenance of existing models
Prototype construction

SSM offers a wide range of supplies connected to the additional services.
Construction of physical prototypes: any kind of prototype connected to body-white and / or finishing components. Adhering to special requirements, construction of prototypes in scale 1:1, which also have moving functionality.

Assembly of physical motor layout: we perform construction of physical engine layout activities receiving as input sections of the bodywhite.

Assistance in plant start up of production: we are able to follow the launch of the models directly in site at the factory for customer.

Cost reduction activities: with a team of dedicated experts, we analyze the product delivered to the customer by proposing solutions of re-engineering with the focus to reduce the cost of the component without decreasing the quality level required by the standards requested.

Assisting operating models: we have extensive experience in product management and collaborating with the client in identifying quality improvements in order to address quality issues raised by the network.