SSM operates in the transportation area (automotive, aerospace and rail) on both the Italian and international market (Brazil / China / Serbia). Our target is to improve continuously by especially focusing on technological evolution and constant investments in innovative instruments. This allows us to offer our customers tailored solutions to improve the technology and quality of our engineering services always respecting deadlines.
To ensure the optimization and the quality of procedures, SSM has defined and applied its own organizational and management “system”, which is able to constantly monitor internal processes and their efficiency. Our system is certified ISO 9001: the best high quality design guarantee


This is the objective of our work. We operate at an international level in the design industry to help realize innovative ideas. From technology to security, from design to production, our commitment is to support customers by focusing on their skills and knowledge updating their services in order to use their products to their full potential.


Our proposal, created by two important stories related to the development in vehicle design and technological innovation in the transportion area, aims to intervene in
other sectors of industrial production by on board a team of dynamic and flexible professionals:
highly skilled resources are on of key factors.

The two companies which have led SSM have proven over the years to grow both in the quality of services provided and in customer satisfaction.
To meet the new demands of the market and to ensure job stability to its employees, SSM has redefined its objectives by focusing its efforts on the following initiatives:

  • Breaking into new foreign markets
    We believe that operating only at regional or at national level does not allow the company to develop to its full potential. Therefore, SSM has carried out a strategic reorganisation in order to be functional wherever automotive industry necessitates.
    In the years to come, our goal is to consolidate nationally and to grow in foreign markets such as, Germany, China, Brazil and the United States. This is programmed to happen through:
    expansion strategies and corporate strengthening, such as, mergers, partnerships and business corporations with other parties.
    Professional growth and training of resources in target areas of expertise and strategic development
    Innovative design methodologies that allow SSM to be able to offer the customer a constant support aimed at increasing the quality and competitiveness of the client’s services and skills
  • Diversification
    The skills and expertise of our team can alternatively be developed to work not only in the automotive industry, but also in other areas, such as Aeronautics and Production Engineering.