Operating in a high-tech industry, SSM gives to their customers a service aimed at innovation through research and development.


  • reduce the “time-to-market” consistently pursued by many companies, we can optimize it by using virtual testing;
  • improve products: Lighter, more reliable, cheaper, better performance
  • promote the subcontractor from product supplier, to project participant. Virtual prototyping provides the tool to include everyone in the project, depending on their skills and / or supplies;
  • start the design according to “concurrent engineering”,
  • Updating the product to their customers, before it is realized and during its realization.
  • an overall optimization of the production process, without making mistakes and without impacting drastically in terms of cost and time. The testing process allows clarity and obvious evidence which is easily understood by non-experts;
  • pursue “robust design”, by using Virtual prototyping, we are able to introduce concepts and statistical reports, even if they involve a number of situations to be compared. Virtual prototyping allows you to analyze a number of alternative solutions, in order to weigh up the “robust design” criteria;
  • enhance your design know-how, by transferring knowledge in a transversal way in all areas of interest. Virtual prototyping dramatically speeds up the learning process because it allows you to think about alternatives in an efficient, fast, and documented way, therefore rationalization of design and manufacturing processes.