Step Sud Mare Srl is an SME founded in 2012 which works within the advanced engineering field and R & D. It is the merge of two business units of the pre-existing Engineering companies, Mare Engineering SpA and Step Sud Srl, both of which have operated in partnership in the field of engineering design with a focus on transport, for more than 10 years.

The company’s activities are mainly focused on design, analysis and development of methods of research in key areas of industrial production: product concept, design and product engineering, engineering of production processes. The target market is transport, specifically the Automotive, Aerospace and Rail, and the production of consumer goods, with particular focus on supporting improvement in production processes.

In the automotive sector, SSM is a supplier, among many others, of FCA Group and Ferrari. The main activities are:
– Style and Design: Development of models and style of the car’s CAD models
– Product Engineering: structural CAE analysis on the major component and subsystems (Body, Plastic Components, Transmission Systems, etc.), Crash Simulation, Biomechanics Simulation
– Process Engineering: Feasibility studies of the product, assembly, sheet metal, design and production start-up of establishments, study of logistic flows.

Concerning Aerospace, the company is focused on design and structural CAD / CAE verification, both the engineering field and R & D.
Our main skills in this area are:
– Design and structural analysis of aeronautical structures
– Product Design and Process for composite structures
– Simulation and experimental numerical calibration of nonlinear structural damage of composite components models for aerospace applications

In the Railway field, the company has acquired structural analysis skills of vehicle body systems and sizing of major crash absorbers.
In regards to the activities of support to the improvement of production processes and the design of lines and production facilities, SSM covers the whole range of activities related to the production and industrialization of the building: technological feasibility, concept brown-field industrial sites and green-field, layout, logistics and supply chains and quality of processes. In this area, it has been some years that SSM has been implementing a number of advanced simulation methodologies, monitoring of optimization of the production processes in compliance to principles consistent with the dictates of the so-called Intelligent Factory or Factory 4.0.